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Fiyin Sokoya, MD

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If medications aren’t enough to manage your thyroid condition, you might be a candidate for thyroid surgery. As an expert in complex facial surgery, Fiyin Sokoya, MD, offers comprehensive thyroid surgery services to patients in the Atlanta area. Dr. Sokoya works closely with your endocrinologist to create a surgical plan that meets your needs and uses advanced techniques to minimize your risk for scars. To discuss your options for thyroid surgery, call the office of Fiyin Sokoya, MD, in the Atlanta, GA area or book an appointment online today.

Thyroid Surgery

Why would I need thyroid surgery?

Your thyroid is a gland in the central part of your neck that secretes hormones your body needs to function. The gland has a central isthmus that connects the left and right lobe.

You also have parathyroid glands, four glands that surround thyroid tissue. These glands control and maintain levels of calcium and vitamin D in your body.

You might need thyroid surgery if any of these glands stop functioning properly or are damaged by disease. Hyperthyroidism describes an overactive thyroid that overproduces hormones, and hypothyroidism describes an underactive thyroid that produces too few hormones.

Common thyroid conditions that might require surgery include:

  • Graves disease
  • Thyroid nodules
  • Thyroiditis
  • Goiter
  • Thyroid tumors

Your risk for developing thyroid disease is increased if you’ve experienced multiple exposures to X-rays or computed tomography (CT) scans as a child or have a family history of thyroid conditions. Your genetic background and your gender can also play a role. Eating a low-iodine diet can heighten your risk for thyroid disease because your body needs iodine to create hormones.

How is thyroid disease diagnosed?

You should schedule a diagnostic evaluation with your primary care physician if you have symptoms of a thyroid disorder, such as:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Vision issues
  • Thyroid enlargement
  • Intolerance of cold temperatures
  • Unexplained weight gain or loss

If you receive a thyroid disorder diagnosis that might require surgery, Dr. Sokoya can work in a multidisciplinary fashion with expert endocrinologists to determine the pathology and diagnosis of the condition. If surgery is the right course of treatment, he can perform your procedure using advanced surgical techniques.

What happens during thyroid surgery?

During thyroid surgery, Dr. Sokoya makes a small incision at the base of your neck and gently dissects a portion or all of your thyroid or parathyroid. He meticulously preserves important structures of your parathyroids that remain and your laryngeal nerves, the nerves that allow you to breath, speak, and sing.

After removing part or all of your thyroid, Dr. Sokoya closes the incision, paying special attention to reduce your risk for unnecessary scarring.

Following the removal of your thyroid or parathyroid, you might need to take supplemental calcium, vitamin D, and thyroid hormones, depending on the extent of your surgery. Dr. Sokoya can coordinate your aftercare with your endocrinologist and ensure you heal fully from your surgery.

To learn more about the benefits of thyroid surgery, schedule a consultation online or by calling the office of Fiyin Sokoya, MD, nearest you today.