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Fiyin Sokoya, MD -  - Facial Plastic Surgeon

Fiyin Sokoya, MD

Double Board Certified Head and Neck Surgeon, Facial Plastic Surgeon in Atlanta, GA

If you want to treat sunken cheeks or facial wrinkles but aren’t ready for surgery, fillers might be the treatment you’re looking for. Our office located in the Atlanta, GA area is home to experienced plastic surgeon Fiyin Sokoya, MD, who offers a variety of popular fillers to restore the youthful vibrancy of your skin without invasive surgery. Dr. Sokoya can plump your cheeks, sculpt your jawline, and enhance the contours of your cheeks with safe, long-lasting fillers. To find out how fillers can instantly transform your appearance, call the office of Fiyin Sokoya, MD, nearest you or book an appointment online today.


What are fillers?

Fillers are injectable substances that replace areas of lost volume in your face. The fillers Dr. Sokoya uses are made of hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in your body, so they are safe, effective, and provide long-lasting results.

As you get older, your body slows down its production of collagen, an essential protein responsible for youthful-looking, healthy skin. Without enough collagen, your skin begins to sag and forms wrinkles and lines that age you.

Why should I consider fillers?

You might be a candidate for fillers if you're unhappy with your appearance because of lost volume around your cheeks, mouth, and nose. Fillers can also smooth out mild to moderate wrinkles and lines in these areas.

Dr. Sokoya offers a comprehensive skin evaluation to determine if fillers are the right treatment option for you. He reviews your expectations for the procedure and assesses the overall health of your skin before customizing your treatment plan.

What can I expect during my filler procedure?

Fillers are a minimally invasive, in-office procedure that requires no incisions or downtime. You can expect to resume your usual activities right after treatment. 

Depending on your desired results, Dr. Sokoya can inject popular fillers into specific areas of your face to replace lost volume and smooth out wrinkles. These areas can include your:

  • Lips
  • Cheeks
  • Tear trough
  • Nasolabial folds

In addition to plumping your lips, Dr. Sokoya can use fillers to create a cupid’s bow or French pout appearance in your lips.

Dr. Sokoya can also add fillers around your jawline to sculpt your face and accentuate your natural features. He focuses on achieving natural-looking results that are aesthetically pleasing and create a symmetrical look on your face.

How long do fillers last?

Many fillers provide long-lasting results that keep you looking younger and more vibrant for up to a year.

Typically, the popular fillers Dr. Sokoya offers will dissolve over the course of 9-12 months. To help you maintain your results in the long-term, he can provide maintenance injections as you need them.

To find out more about the benefits of minimally invasive fillers, call the office of Fiyin Sokoya, MD, nearest you or book an appointment online today.