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Fiyin Sokoya, MD

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Mohs reconstruction has a 90% cure rate for treating primary skin cancers, including melanoma. However, the surgery can leave excision scars on visible areas of your face. Fiyin Sokoya, MD, has extensive experience in reconstructing facial tissue after Mohs surgery. Dr. Sokoya has published many articles in this field and offers personalized treatment plans to optimize your results. To learn more about facial reconstruction after Mohs reconstruction surgery, schedule a consultation online or by calling the office in the Atlanta, GA area today.

Mohs Reconstruction

What is Mohs reconstruction surgery?

Mohs surgery is a common surgical procedure to remove cancer from your skin, especially in the delicate areas of your face, such as your ears, eyes, lips, and nose.

A well-trained dermatologist performs this type of surgery. They will remove portions of your skin one layer at a time and examine the tissue under a microscope. This allows them to identify where the cancer ends to ensure they remove it all. The surgery also preserves as much of your healthy skin as possible.

You might be a candidate for Mohs surgery if you have squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma. Mohs surgery can also successfully treat melanoma, the most aggressive type of skin cancer.

Mohs surgery has high cure rates while allowing you to maintain critical structures in your eyes, lips, nose, and overall face. However, you might need additional treatment with an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Sokoya following your excision to restore the former state of the Mohs surgery site.

What happens during my consultation after Mohs reconstruction surgery?

During your consultation with Dr. Sokoya, he spends time reviewing your medical history and discussing your options for reconstruction of your skin. He then personalizes a reconstructive plan to restore the health and vitality of your skin that focuses on natural-looking, long-term results.

At your consultation, Dr. Sokoya and his staff ensure you have all of the information you need to prepare for surgery and will provide you with pre- and postoperative medications.

What surgical techniques are used for reconstruction following Mohs surgery?

As an experienced plastic surgeon with extensive training in reconstruction for all levels of defect of the head and neck, Dr. Sokoya determines which techniques will best meet your needs.

Typically, there are different skin flaps Dr. Sokoya can use to reconstruct Mohs defects, including local tissue rearrangement and tissue transplantation from other areas of your body.

Following your reconstruction procedure, you can expect a high level of care from Dr. Sokoya and the staff to ensure your full recovery.

To find out if you’re a candidate for skin reconstruction following Mohs surgery, schedule a consultation online or by calling the office of Fiyin Sokoya, MD, nearest you today.